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Last Updated : Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Malaria mortality: WHO questions methodology of Lancet studys
Published on : Saturday, October 23, 2010
Expressing serious doubts over the high estimates of 200,000 malaria deaths in India as reported in the latest edition of The Lancet, the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Thursday questioned the methodology adopted by the authors of the study. The Lancet uses verbal autopsy method which is suitable only for diseases with distinctive symptoms and not for malaria. Malaria has symptoms similar to many other diseases, and cannot be correctly identified by the local population, reports The Hindu.
Malarial deaths in India grossly underestimated by WHO
Published on : Thursday, October 21, 2010
The number of deaths per year is almost 1,25,000, much more than the 15,000 estimated by WHO. According to the estimates of World Health Organisation 15,000 malarial deaths occur each year. This number for India alone is much higher than WHO's estimate of 1,00,000 deaths per year worldwide. The authors used full-time non-medical field workers trained by the Registrar-General of India to interview the families where deaths have happened, reports The Hindu.
Malaria deaths hugely underestimated in India, report
Published on : Wednesday, October 20, 2010
The number of people dying from malaria in India has been hugely underestimated, according to new research. The authors conclude that more than 200,000 deaths per year are caused by malaria.There are about 1.3 million deaths from infectious diseases, where acute fever is the main symptom in rural areas in India.The data suggests that 205,000 deaths before the age of 70, mainly in rural areas, are caused by malaria each year, reports BBC News.
Chennai bears brunt of A(H1N1) flu season
Published on : Monday, September 27, 2010
Chennai tops the list, with Vellore and Coimbatore coming the next in the three districts in Tamil Nadu which have contributed to the most of the A(H1N1) cases this year. A total of 138 cases have been reported in the city, including those from private hospitals since August, according to Chennai Corporation sources. In September alone, 81 cases have been reported, and five deaths recorded in the last two months, reports The Hindu.
Dengue effect won’t be as severe this year: Experts
Published on : Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Experts say that dengue effecr won't be as severe as that of 2006 this year. In 2006, national capital alone reported about 3,000 cases.According to experts, the country is currently in the grip of dengue-1, genotype III as was the case in 2006.They added that even though cases of dengue would go on increasing, the overall severity would be much less because immunity levels have also risen, reports The Indian Express.
4 more die of swine flu, dengue
Published on : Monday, August 30, 2010
Four more die of swine flu and dengue in Delhi, when the Commonwealth Games is about to begin in one month.All victims of the mosquito-borne disease so far have been children less than 12 years of age.With 63 new cases confirmed on Monday, the total number of dengue cases reached 863, which is more than 200 times higher than the cases reported till August last year, reports Hindustan Times.
800 dengue cases in Delhi
Published on : Sunday, August 29, 2010
The total number of dengue cases reported in Delhi reached 800.The national capital has recorded two confirmed and three suspected dengue deaths this season. According to MCD, there are 59 new cases since yesterday.Authorities are more worried about the spread of dengue as the city will host the Commonwealth Games in October, reports Hindustan Times.
Delhi: 36 cases of dengue in a day, official tally for the season 384
Published on : Sunday, August 22, 2010
36 cases of dengue were reported on a single day in New Delhi.Authorities are worried about the spread of dengue as the city will host the Commonwealth Games in October, a month which generally sees high prevalence of the disease.The civic body said it was trying its best to control the spread of the vector-borne disease, reports The Times Of India.
Delhi: Hospitals reports high incidences, municipality says otherwise
Published on : Saturday, August 21, 2010
Hospitals in New Delhi reports a surge in dengue cases. Many hospitals reports dozens of cases, which is double of that of cases stated by MCD.Deep Mathur, MCD spokesperson, said: 'MCD officials have been working overtime with hand-held fogging machines to prevent further outbreak of dengue. Additional vehicle-mounted fogging machines were deployed in the area.', reports Sify News.
215 confirmed cases of dengue in Delhi till Aug 15
Published on : Wednesday, August 18, 2010
215 cases of dengue were reported in New Delhi till August 15th.This is more than ten times of that of 2006, a year when there was a dengue outbreak. 25 percentage of the total OPD patients in private hospitals are showing dengue-like symptoms.Civic agencies say that massive breeding has been found in many parts of Delhi, especially in Commonwealth Games venues, reports The Times Of India.

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