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Last Updated : Saturday, April 19, 2014
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World Malaria Day 2012: scaling up the fight against malarias
Published on : Tuesday, April 24, 2012
The World Health Organization (WHO) hails global progress in combating malaria but highlights the need to further reinforce the fight. WHO's new initiative, T3: Test. Treat. Track, urges malaria-endemic countries and donors to move towards universal access to diagnostic testing and antimalarial treatment, and to build robust malaria surveillance systems.
Shiv Sena leader visits malaria patient in Mumbai hospitalss=
Published on : Sunday, August 01, 2010
Shiv Sena executive chief Uddhav Thackeray today visited the BMC-run KEM hospital to make sure that patients are treated properly. He talked to the doctors and hospital staff about the patients. He said that free health camps for citizens will be conducted by Shiv Sena activists, reports DNA.
Dengu threat near CWG construction sites, MCD raises alarmss=
Published on : Saturday, July 31, 2010
Municipal Corporation Of Delhi has sounded an alarm after detecting mosquito breeding in many stadiums prepared for Commonwealth Games.Lack of outlet for drains at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium is likely to be conducive to mosquito breeding.MC claimed to be facing many problems because of the construction of wall around Games Village, reports The Times of India.
Global warming unlikely to expand range of malaria
Published on : Friday, May 21, 2010
The earth has warmed predominantly in the previous century. But,the intensity of malaria has contracted severely during this period.A team of six scientists, including David Smith and Andy Tatem argue that funding of malaria research can counteract the risk of malaria, even in the worst case scenario, reports The Hindu.
43 hospitalised in 24 hours with malaria
Published on : Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Forty three people infected with malaria were hospitalized in the span of a day.Malaria had taken the lives of three people and infected around 1300. BMC’s Insecticide Officer Arun Bamne said that they would do frequent check ups, reports Hindustan Times.
850,000 people die every year from malaria: UNICEF
Published on : Sunday, March 07, 2010
Each year, 8,50000 people die of malaria, and 90% of them are in sub-saharan Africa.Unicef executive director said that they are commited to fight malaria, reports Hindustan Times.
Exaggerating the impact of climate change on the spread of malaria
Published on : Wednesday, January 13, 2010
A recent press release from Dfid suggested that millions in Kenya are susceptible to malaria due to a rise in temperature. Simple analysis shows questions this claim. Government intervention only aggravates the climate change threat, reports The Guardian.
Malaria poses a bigger threat than Maoists in Orissa
Published on : Sunday, June 21, 2009
Killings by Maoists in Orissa attract a lot of attention, but malaria claims many more lives across the state and not much note is taken of them. Official sources said as many as 1255 people succumbed to malaria during the past 5 years, while 133 people became victims to Maoist violence in the state. The highest number of 239 people died of malaria in 2008, while Maoists on the other hand killed 82, reports Times of India.
WHO’s World Malaria Report, 2008
Published on : Tuesday, December 23, 2008
The World Malaria Report 2008 explains how the WHO-recommended control strategies have been adopted and implemented in Malaria-endemic countries, the sources of funding for malaria control and recent evidence that prevention and treatment can alleviate the burden imposed by the disease. The report states that the advent of long-lasting insecticidal nets and artemisinin-based (artemisinin is the miracle drug of Malaria) combination therapy plus a revival of support for indoor residual spraying of insecticide, presents a new opportunity for large-scale malaria control, writes Anil Gulati.
Aid group to spend billions to fight Aids, Malaria and Tuberculosis
Published on : Tuesday, November 11, 2008
The Global Fund aims to cut the number of deaths from tuberculosis and malaria by half by 2015. Ninety percent of the approved grants were for low-income countries — 77 percent in Africa and the Middle East. The rest will go to countries in Asia, Western Pacific, Latin America, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

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